What flew out the other side ?


6 Responses to “What flew out the other side ?”

  1. Anything that large hitting a building is lightly to have “Something” fly out of the other side. It could be the planes body, luggage etc. Was anything found in the city ?

  2. sparkoflife Says:

    1st of all the plane wouldn’t be able to meld through the building that is in violation of every one of newton’s laws of motion. Aluminum does not meld through steel and concrete like a knife does through butter. Sorry, next.

  3. It appears on every shot from the “out”-side, and to me it looks as if a depleted uranium “bullit” just goes through as if it’s a hot knif through butter.
    Compare the way depleted uranium bullits behave.

  4. L O L. you’re a fucking idiot. the building was not a solid piece of steel and concrete. A plane flying at 800kph or more, easily goes trough the building, which is a grid of steal. ofcourse NOT in one piece. parts of landing gear and engines were indeed FOUND on the other side. get a clue moron.

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